INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC "UP CLOSE" 15/10/2023 - 14/11/2023 - 15/11/2023 - 19/11/2023

This October and November, the contemporary music festival “Iš arti” will host three festival concerts, which represents the new page of the festival. This is a trilogy of events, three different stages, three chapters that represent different eras. On the 15th of October, the audience will hear the cantata “Chernobyl”, in cooperation with the Kaunas State Philharmonic. Almost a month later, on the 14th of November, music lovers will see the premiere “Dawn in Foucault’s Shadow. Nocturne for voices, percussion and actress”. On the 15th of November – some spices of disco music and a concert dedicated to the composer Teisutis Makačinas will be held. On the 19th of November, “UP CLOSE” will invite you to meet the composer Zita Bružaitė and her music.

Iš arti is an integral part of the culture scene in Kaunas. It was founded in 2009 by the Chairwoman of Lithuanian Composers’ Union department of Kaunas, Zita Bružaitė alongside local composers and musicians.

Andrijana Filinaitė

Phone: +37066296894

Project manager
Rokas Naudžius